Is Your House Safe From Radon?

Find out with radon testing in Hendersonville, Arden & Asheville, NC

Radon gas is colorless, odorless and tasteless. Without radon testing, your family could be unknowingly breathing in this harmful gas. RBI Home Inspections offers radon inspections in Hendersonville, Arden & Asheville, NC. Gain peace of mind knowing your home is safe for your loved ones.

Frequent radon testing is important because:

  • Radon is a leading cause of lung cancer
  • Radon levels can fluctuate and change over time
  • Radon is undetectable without specialized tools

We can inspect all kinds of properties to help keep you and your family safe. Make an appointment when you contact us today.

How testing is performed

Fortunately, a radon home inspection is straightforward and non-invasive. Our inspector will place a testing device in your home for a few days. After an appropriate amount of time, we'll collect the device and analyze the results. If your air has unhealthy levels of radon, you can rely on us to offer mitigation strategies and solutions.

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