Find Out if Your Crawl Space is Hiding Serious Issues

Arrange for a crawl space inspection in Hendersonville, Arden & Asheville, NC

It's easy to forget about your crawl space. Since crawl spaces are dark and humid, they can harbor all kinds of problems for your home. With a crawl space inspection, you can find out if your home has issues and get them fixed before they lead to expensive repairs.

RBI Home Inspections offers crawl space inspection services in the Hendersonville, Arden & Asheville, NC area. Our inspector will check your crawl space for problems like water damage and pest invasions so you can get potential issues fixed as soon as possible.

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Leave nothing unexamined

With professional crawl space inspection services, you can find problems that aren't obvious to an untrained eye. Our inspector will identify...

  • Water damage and wood rot
  • Flooding and pooling water
  • Pest infestations and damage
  • Improper or inadequate insulation
  • Structural damage to your house
  • Compromised plumbing or electrical systems

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